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  • Condado de Haza Reserva 2010

    An ideal wine to enjoy on large occasions, made from the best tempranillo clusters of the 2010 vintage, from Viña Valera. A Reserve that shows elegant, velvety in the mouth, with notes of fruits of the forest compiled very intense, with a touch of French oak. Due to its natural elaboration, we advise decanting thirty, forty-five minutes before tasting.

  • El Vínculo Crianza 2016
    BODEGA:  El Vínculo MARCA: El Vínculo Crianza GRADO: 14% vol VARIEDAD: 100% tempranillo   CATA VISTA: Color granate con borde rubí, limpio y brillante. NARIZ: Aromas de ciruela madura, guindas y kirsch. Notas de cacao, avellanas y toffee. Balsámicas y especiados destacando la canela. BOCA:Entrada golosa en boca, amplio recorrido y redondo, con un largo post-gusto de frutas...
  • Tinto Pesquera Millenium Gran Reserva 2009
    Tinto Pesquera’s crowning jewel. One of the winery's most special wines, only made using five vintages: 1996, 2002, 2004, 2008, and now 2009. An exclusive wine due to both its quality and its production process, as it is the only wine that the winery ages in French oak barrels. Using grapes from “Viña Alta”, the first vineyards planted by Familia Fernández Rivera in the early 1970s, it can only be made when the harvest brings in Tempranillo grapes of an excellent quality, which will give the wine unique nuances. Discover it!
  • El Vínculo Reserva 2010
    WINERY: El Vínculo BRAND: El Vínculo Reserva ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14% vol VARIETY: 100% Tempranillo   TASTING APPEARANCE: Intense garnet with a ruby edge, clean and bright. NOSE: Aromas of black liquorice and plum jam. Balsamic notes, with hints of cocoa, tobacco leaf and vanilla. PALATE: Forthright on entry, giving way to a mouthfeel of elegant...
  • El Vínculo Magnum Reserva 2007
    Our award-winning Reserva in a magnum bottle, guaranteed to turn any celebration into a resounding success. A juicy, intense and generous wine with aromas of ripe fruits, spices and pleasing balsamic hints.
  • El Vínculo Paraje La Golosa Gran Reserva 2004
    WINERY: El Vínculo BRAND: Paraje la Golosa ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14% VARIETY: 100% Tempranillo   TASTING NOTES Pago de la Golosa LOOK: Ruby red colour, with violet-hued reflections. SMELL: On the nose, it has a powerful bouquet: floral, smoky, slightly balsamic and mineral, with hints of black cherry jam, plums and candied blackberries. TASTE: On the palate, it is dense, structured and balanced...
  • Alejairén Crianza 2017
    From the El Vínculo winery, where Familia  Fernández Rivera produces his excellent wines from La Mancha. After travelling through this well-known wine-growing region he found the best Tempranillo vines in the area. After consolidating the production of Red wines, the winery began producing a white wine grapes brought from the Paraje la Golosa estate. A white that has the soul of a red, fermented over 24 months in French oak barrels, symbolising the coming together of Alejandro and the Airén white grape that is native to La Mancha.
  • Dehesa La Granja 2015
    WINERY: Dehesa la Granja ALCOHOL: CONTENT:14,5% vol VARIETY: 100% Tempranillo LABEL: Dehesa la Granja TASTING APPEARANCE: Garnet with a ruby edge, clear and bright. NOSE: Complex nose with ripe red fruits as well as roasted notes, dulce de leche, aniseed, vanilla and a liquorice finish. PALATE: Sweet entry of ripe fruit. Well-structured body with weight...
  • Dehesa 14 2004
    WINERY: Dehesa La Granja BRAND: Dehesa 14 ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14% VARIETY: 100% Tempranillo   TASTING NOTES LOOK: Lovely and attractive ruby red colour with orange hues. SMELL: On the nose, toasted wood, as well as a noble fruity character, can be perceived. There are hints of tobacco, chocolate, cocoa, roasted aromas, and even balsamic hints. These give it a marvellous smell—powerful,...